Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2020 - 2021 Programme

Bachelor in Philosophy
For the holder of a Bachelor in Political Sciences



This bachelor’s programme provides an education that is complementary to the Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences.

It enables students to obtain the degree of Bachelor in Philosophy and to have access to the second-cycle (Master) programmes in philosophy.

Its objective is to provide students enrolled with the opportunity to expand and consolidate their philosophical training. In light of this, the courses in the programme are linked to the Bachelor’s programme in Political Sciences followed by the student.

The principle of the programme is the following: each subject listed in the harmonisation agreements (universities of the Belgian French-speaking Community) of the Bachelor’s programmes in philosophy must be included, at least one course per subject, in one of the student’s two programmes (BA in Political Sciences or Dual BA in Philosophy).


Students not having taken the course of Philosophie politique in their political sciences programme must add that course to their Dual BA in Philosophy.