Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2020 - 2021 Programme

Teaching Approach

Teaching is through lectures and seminars.

Lectures are used to give you an overview, for example, of a particular period in the history of philosophy, or of a given branch of philosophy.

Seminars involve smaller groups. They are a forum for more detailed discussion about major philosophical works. As a student in our faculty, you will be expected to contribute to seminar work, through, for example, making presentations.

Working in practical seminars you will also be introduced to the norms and techniques of philosophical writing.

You will be required to produce a number of dissertations during the year. These will be marked and returned to you with personalised feedback.

Whatever your course of study, we place great importance on helping you with the job of learning, which is why the university’s Academic Guidance Service offers a range of support activities and maintains an open door to anyone who wishes to discuss academic issues.



Three examination sessions are organised during the academic year: in January, in June, and in September.

First-year students who do not achieve passing grades in the January session may retake specific examinations in June and/or in September.