Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2020 - 2021 Programme

Teaching Approach

The programme includes both theoretical and practical components. The practical component includes activities designed to help you acquire a high level of fluency in your chosen language. It includes: translation techniques, language lab and video centre work, conversation practice, role playing, putting on theatrical plays, and visits to Germanic countries.

Whatever your degree, Saint-Louis places great importance on supporting you in your studies, which is why the university’s Academic Guidance Service organises a range of learning support activities and maintains an open door to anyone who wishes to discuss academic issues.

The academic support available to students enrolled on the Germanic studies programme are:

  • Support classes in philosophy : these are designed to accompany the first-year philosophy programme.
  • Language support classes for German, Dutch and English and language laboratory work: language refresher classes take the form of guided learning and self-tuition using language laboratory resources.


There are three examination sessions; in January, in June, and in September.

In the first year students who do not succeed in the January examination session may retake, if need be twice, in June, and in September.

In the second and third years, students may retake just once, in June or September, depending on the examinations concerned.

Assessment may be written, viva voce or require the student to present a piece of work. Courses and specific set tasks require active participation on the part of the student, and this may also be assessed.