Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2018 - 2019 Programme

Admission Requirements

Entry to the Specialised Master’s in Human Rights is open to students who have excelled in their higher education studies or who have substantial personal or professional experience in the field of human rights, and are holders of one of the following qualifications (subject to approval by the Council Board and any additional conditions it may apply):

  • a Masters’ degree, awarded in the French or Flemish Communities, including Master’s degrees awarded by non-University higher education institutions (i.e. that were not part of two-cycle programmes of study) or the Belgian Royal Military School.
  • a second cycle academic qualification (Licentiate diploma or licencié or licentiaat ) awarded in the French Community of Belgium under the provisions in force prior to the Decree of 31 March 2004.
  • A non-Belgian qualification recognised by the French Community as being equivalent to one of those mentioned above.
  • A non-Belgian qualification deemed by the Admissions Board (i) to be comparable to one of those referred to above and (ii) to have a value of at least 300 credits.

Applications are examined by the Council Board, which grants entry to the Specialised Master’s. As a rule, postgraduate second cycle degrees should concern (i) the field of Law, (ii) a field related to the Specialised Master’s or (iii) another field. In the latter case, the student must be able to show relevant experience in the field of human rights gained through activities undertaken in either a private or a professional capacity. The Council Board may decide, where appropriate, to complement the student’s programme of study with courses covering the fundamentals of international public law and/or covering the principles and sources of Law. Where such prerequisites are applied, the student is required to pass the associated additional examinations as a condition for obtaining the Specialised Master’s degree.