Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2018 - 2019 Programme


Specialised Master in Human Rights

 Evening Programme  60 credits   1 year   Schedule first term  Schedule second term
 European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Level 7 
 Internship: no  Final assignment: yes   Exchange Programmes: no

The Law Faculties of the Université de Namur, of the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles, and of the Université catholique de Louvain have chosen to jointly organise an Specialised Master in Human Rights programme. The Specialised Master programme is spread over one academic year, from mid-September through mid-May of the following year.

In addition to its primarily legal scope, the Specialised Master was also developed in an interdisciplinary perspective.  It aims to impart to students specialised knowledge in the field of human rights, on both the domestic and international levels. It its legal aspects, the Advanced Master deals with the human rights provisions guaranteed not only by international jurisdictions and institutions but also by State laws. It its coverage of interdisciplinary subjects, the Specialised Master aims to provide students with tools from other human sciences (history, philosophy, sociology) in order to better understand and implement this protection of human rights.

The programme is intended for any person who wishes to specialise in the field of human rights as well as for legal practitioners, lawyers or judges, for members of non-governmental organisations and for national or international civil servants. The link between theory and practice in the defence of human rights, which led to this Specialised Master’s creation and organisation, is also reflected by the public attending the programme.

Class schedules are drawn up so as to enable individuals with a professional activity to take part in the programme. To this end, classes are taught several times a week (17:30-20:30) and a few Saturday morning at the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles.

Courses are taught in French, which is also the language of most of the course material. A strong command of this language is, therefore, a requirement. Passive knowledge of English is also necessary in order to be able to read certain related documents.

Programme governance and administration

The Advisory Council of the Specialised Master programme is composed of all individuals involved in teaching subjects to students.

The Council Board is composed of Professors Olivier De Schutter (UCL - Saint-Louis), Nathalie Collette-Bascqz (UNamur) and Sébastien Van Drooghenbroeck (Saint-Louis) and act, among other things, as the admissions committee.

The programme’s administration is handled by Mr. Jean-Michel Bruffaerts (Saint-Louis). 


The program is designed according to a global balance, including 300 hours of teaching in total: 120 hours of legal courses, 90 hours of human sciences courses, 60 hours of optional courses and 30 hours of seminars leading to the writing of a final dissertation. In addition, optional tutorials are organised in order to facilitate the assimilation of the material.