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Research at USL-B



University teaching goes hand in hand with a consistent scientific research work, that feeds it and allows it to be continuously updated. Eighteen research centres are part of USL-B and cover the entire field of Humanities: Economics, Law, Political Sciences, Sociology, Literature, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, etc. Three interdisciplinary research institutes are an interface between some of those research centres.


Many stakeholders contribute to research at USL-B: Belgian or foreign professors, scientists, administrators, gathered in research centres or institutes.


A few key figures


 17 research centres and seminars

 3 interdisciplinary institutes

 229 researchers (including professors, scientists, grant holders, contract holders)

 74 ongoing PhDs

 76 delivered PhDs since 1996

 13 administrators monitoring the research centres activities

 an important number of scientific activities of all kinds, all year long: publications (see DIAL), symposiums, events, conferences, seminars, workshops, research chairs, meetings, public thesis defences, written or oral contributions in the media, significant, original, interuniversity, international collaborations, awards, decorations, etc.


The institution


Research policy and promotion are carried out by the Research Council, under the supervision of the Vice-Rector for Research, Yves Cartuyvels.


More information:

 Evaluation policy of the Research Council (in French)

 All the research-related rules are on the Intranet (in French)


The Research Administration Service


The Research Administration Service is part of the university’s main administration and carries out different missions: support and elaboration of projects, financial expertise, research promotion, administrative support, participation in different interuniversity projects, PhDs support.

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