Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Admissions Procedures


How to apply?


You can make a request to apply online:

via our website: Admissions and Enrolment pages

or by filling in the online application request form.


A few days after submitting your request, you will receive an email from the Admissions Office containing a list of all the documents you will need to supply as well as procedures for supplying them.


For non-European students residing outside of Belgium: once your completed application has been accepted, the Admissions Office will issue you with an admission authorisation certificate, which you can use to obtain a visa. Please note that we ask that you pay your admission fees in person to the Admissions Office after arriving in Belgium (payment must be received before September 30 of the starting academic year).


When to apply?


For students who are

Belgian citizens,

citizens of a European Union Member State,

non-EU citizens AND are residing in Belgium,         


> From February 2018 and at the latest by September 30, 2018*.


*The academic year begins on September 14, 2018. However, please note that students with a non-Belgian admission-level qualification, wishing to enrol on a 1st cycle programme, need to have submitted their request for academic equivalence to the Equivalence Department of Federation of Wallonia-Brussels ( before July 15, 2018.


non-EU citizens AND not residing in Belgium,


> From February 2018 and at the latest by April 30, 2018.

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