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2013-2014 Programmes



Ever since its creation Saint-Louis University, Brussels, has exclusively provided undergraduate (1st cycle) education. Over the years, it has developed into a centre of excellence in undergraduate teaching in the human sciences.


Today, Saint-Louis also offers graduate (2nd cycle) and postgraduate (3rd cycle) programmes, including a 2-year taught Master’s in European Studies and a range of advanced master’s and doctorates.


The university is also renowned for its range of lifelong & executive education programmes.


Learning programme


First cycle : bachelor's programme - 3 years - 180 ECTS credits

All 1st cycle (undergraduate BA) programmes at Saint-Louis University run over three-years and have an ECTS value of 180 credits. Please note that a university BA is designed as an entry qualification for a 2nd cycle programme, such as a master’s, rather than a professional qualification.


Second cycle : master's programme - two years - 120 ECTS credits

The master is the programme the follows the university bachelor programme; it is the second step of the university degree. It includes 120 or more rarely 60 ECTS (in which case, is takes place over one year) Its successful achievement allows the student access to the professional world related to the studies completed.


Structure of study programmes proposed at Saint-Louis University, Brussels

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