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As you enter your final year of your secondary education you begin to think about pursuing your education at university. Naturally, you will have many questions. It is our job at Saint-Louis to guide you, to help you find answers to your questions. The following pages provide answers to a range of typical questions, such as :


"What subject is right for me? How do I choose?  Where can I get information?  What is it like to study at university? Which university is best for me? What about bilingual or trilingual studies? How should I prepare for university?"


Student Life


Once you have made your decision to study at Saint-Louis you will want to find out more about life at the university, and about in Brussels in general. There’s nothing easier, simply visit our "Student Life" pages. These deal with questions such as:


"How much does a year at university cost? What financial or social support is available? What about students with special needs? What facilities are available on campus (what about accommodation, food & drink, jobs, cultural & social activities and sport, etc.)?"  


Evening Study


If you have a job in the day, you may wish to study in the evening. Our university offers evening study programmes in Law and Political Sciences. Just follow the "Evening Study" link to find out more, including answers to questions such as:


"What and how many hours of study are involved? Do I have to attend all the classes? Is the evening programme the same as the equivalent daytime programme? When can I attend an open day and can I observe a class to get a better feel for what is involved?"


If you have any questions we have not answered in these pages please contact our Information & Reception team?


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