Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Teaching Approach

Preparatory classes

Before the start of the new academic year Saint-Louis offers new students the opportunity to attend preparatory classes. These classes aim to help students ‘get up to speed’ as well as to become familiar with study methods at the university. They also provide an opportunity to work on language skills (in English, Dutch and German).

Learning support

To help students to make a smooth transition from secondary to university education, Saint-Louis provides a range of learning support resources:

For example:

  • A academic guidance service where students can receive personalised assistance and advice
  • Tutor-led revision sessions for students who wish to receive coaching in small groups


Three assessment sessions are organised during the academic year: in January, June and September.

A student failing an exam may retake during a subsequent assessment session. Students may not as a rule retake the same exam more than twice in a given academic year, except in the first year, when exams failed in the January session may be retaken in June, and, if necessary, a third time in September.