Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2022 - 2023 Programme

Teaching Approach

At Saint-Louis, lectures are given in moderate-sized auditoriums. This allows students to have close contact with their lecturers and with the various administrative services (administrative office for students, admissions office, social service, etc.).

In addition to traditional lecture courses, the sociology and anthropology programme offers involving learning activities, practical exercices and a workshop. These last activities are conducted within small groups. 

Economics and quantitative methods courses are accompanied by practical exercise sessions given to small groups of students.

In general and regardless of the Bachelor programme, Saint-Louis places strong emphasis on academic support. The Academic Guidance Service offers various support activities and is available to meet with students upon request.


Assessing a student’s knowledge in a subject is generally carried out by means of an examination. For seminars, the overall assessment takes into account the grades received for work submitted over the course of the year. Examinations are either written (for courses given to large groups of students) or oral. They test not only students’ knowledge of the subject material per se but also their ability to demonstrate their thorough grasp of a given field by applying it to topics not discussed during the course.

Three exam sessions are organised during the academic year: in January, in June and in September. First-year students who did not achieve passing grades on certain exams in January may retake those exams in June and/or in September.