Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles

INGE1134 - Mathematics for Business Engineers II

KU Leuven Campus Brussel

Crédits : 6

Professeur :

Mode d'enseignement :
Deuxième quadrimestre, 52 heures de théorie et 26 heures d'exercices.

Langues d'enseignement :

Objectifs d'apprentissage :
After attending this course:
- the student is familiar with more advanced concepts, insights, results and techniques of real analysis (multiple variables, implicitly defined functions, bounded optimization, integrals, differential equations) and linear algebra. Using this knowledge, he/she is capable of quantitatively formulating, examining and understanding simplified economical and business oriented problems,
- the student has gained a complete knowledge needed to successfully follow the optimization and statistical courses and technology courses in the business engineering program,
- the student has further practiced formulating and arguing in a correct and accurate way.

Prérequis :

Corequis :

Contenu de l'activité :
1. Linear Algebra
• Vector spaces and linear maps. Application: linear difference equations
• Basic plane and space geometry
• Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
• Economical applications
2. Supplements of analysis
• Implicitly defined functions
• Optimization of multivariate functions (with or without constraints)
• Integrals of functions of one and two variables
• Differential equations
• Numerical aspects
• Economical applications

Activités d'apprentissages prévues et méthodes d'enseignement :
We aim at maximizing classroom interaction. This requires a profound preparation by the students. The additional learning sessions organised on a weekly basis can be helpful.

Méthodes d'évaluation :
Type : Exam during the examination period
Description of evaluation : Written
Type of questions : Multiple choice, Open questions
Learning material : List of formulas, Calculator

The course is assessed by the teacher(s), as announced via Toledo and the examination schedule. The result is calculated and expressed as a whole number with a maximum of 20.

Exam features
- Written examination (type "closed book") with open questions (weight 75%) and multiple-choice questions (weight 25%). The mathematics formula sheet present in the course notes can be used. The use of a simple (non-graphical and non-programmable) calculator is permitted.
- In case of catch-up exams, the exam type may differ from the regular exam type (e.g., only open questions, oral examination, ...).

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