Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles
CU : Course Unit
A : annual
Q1 : first term
Q2 : second term
i : cyclical course held in odd years
p : cyclical course organized in even years
n : course not taught this year
* : course is given in English
** : course is given in Dutch

2021 - 2022 Programme

EU Environmental Policies and Law (POLLEN)

Active Learning Forum

Th.+Ex. Crédits
EUPL2620 POLLEN Active Learning Forum  * Eleni Kavvatha Q2 10h 0

Week I

EUPL2600 Introduction to EU Environmental Law  * Nicolas de Sadeleer Q2 4h 0
EUPL2601 The EU in Multilateral Environmental Negotiations  * Katja Biendenkopf Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2602 EU Law and the Challenges of Prosperity without Growth  * Antoine Bailleux Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2603 EU Environmental Law and its Level of Ambition  * Delphine Misonne Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2604 Air Pollution in Court  * Ugo Taddei Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2605 EU Climate Policy : Which Goals and Instruments for Which Policy Paradigm?  * Benjamin Denis Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2606 An Update on Climate Change: Recent Developments and Expectations  * Peter Wittoeck Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2607 Green Power Europe ? Energy Governance and Low-Carbon Development in the EU?  * Thijs Van de Graaf Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2608 Nuclear Waste Management  * Grégoire Lits Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2609 Training Session – How to Write a Policy Brief  * Eleni Kavvatha Q2 3h 0

Week II

EUPL2610 European Waste Management Policies  * Candido Garcia Molyneux Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2611 Waste-Related Indicators: An Assessment of the Progress Towards a Circular Economy  * Marco Orsini Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2612 EU Chemicals and Hazardous Waste Policy  * Alice Bernard Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2613 Nanotechnologies and REACH : Perspectives  * François Thoreau Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2614 Payments for Ecosystem Services  * N. Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2615 A Policy view on Ecosystem Services  * N. Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2616 The Step-by-Step Integration of Environmental Concerns into the Common Agricultural Policy  * N. Q2 2,5h 0
EUPL2617 Agriculture and Biodiversity  * Ariel Brunner Q2 1,5h 0
EUPL2618 Food Sovereignty and the Right to Food in the EU  * Olivier De Schutter Q2 3h 0
EUPL2619 Financing Climate Change Adaptation  * N. Q2 1,5h 0


EUPL2621 My POLLEN Talks  * N. Q2 0

Policy Brief

EUPL2622 Policy Brief  * N. Q2 0