Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2021 - 2022 Programme


Bachelor's Degree in Business Engineering

 Daytime Programme    180 credits   3 years
 European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Level 6 
 Internship: no  Final assignment: no   Exchange Programmes: yes

The bachelor's degree in business engineering provides the same fundamentals as the bachelor programme in economics and management, with an additional training in the field of natural sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics) and technology.

Management covers fields such as financial analysis, marketing analysis, production management, human resource management and strategic analysis. Training in economic analysis is also provided.

The science and technology courses enable students to understand the technological stakes and allow them to communicate efficiently with technicians specialised in these fields within a company.

The education is complemented with courses in foreign languages, law and human sciences such as sociology, political science, communication science.


The bachelor in Business engineering is a first cycle programme (a so-called "transition" bachelor), which comprises 180 credits and is spread over three years. It provides a preparation for the second cycle programme (Master’s degree) that our students can follow at another university.

At Saint-Louis University, it is possible to follow a bilingual or trilingual programme (French-English or English-French-Dutch). See pages "Languages" and "Programmes".