Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2021 - 2022 Programme


Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Management

 Daytime Programme    180 credits   3 years
 European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Level 6 
 Internship: no  Final assignment: no   Exchange Programmes: yes

Economics and management adopt complementary standpoints regarding the economic reality in which we live.

Economists analyse the mechanisms that structure exchanges between individuals, companies - both private and public, the State and countries. They study the functioning of financial markets, the labour market and international markets.

They question the economic reality. Does globalisation organise exchanges for the benefit of all countries? Do certain market practices result in waste? Do they stimulate innovation and technological developments? Do they ensure a sufficient level of employment? By answering these questions, economists advise companies and public authorities in their decision-making process.

Managers approach economic questions from the viewpoint of organisations active within the economic system, be they private entities (companies) or public entities (government authorities, semi-public organisations…).
How can sales be increased? How can production and inventory management be optimised? Which financial investments should be made? Where is it best to invest? How can the personnel be motivated? Who should be hired? 

By developing methods that assist in the decision making process, managers give corporate leaders the means to best reach their defined goals.


The bachelor in Economics and Management is a first cycle programme (a so-called "transition" bachelor), which comprises 180 credits and is spread over three years. It provides a preparation for several second cycle programmes (Master’s degrees) that our students can follow at another university. This programme has been designed to provide the tools and disciplinary knowledge, but also the expertise and skills in both fields (economics and management) to ensure that our students can enrol, based on their choice, in the different Master’s programmes available to them thereafter (Master in Economics or Master in Management).

The economics and management programme offers a comprehensive ensemble of courses that gives students:

• solid training in the disciplines of economics and management (microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, production management, human resources, etc.);

• a command of quantitative methods (mathematics, statistics);

• a broad introduction to human and social sciences (sociology, philosophy and political science);

• the essential opportunity to become proficient in English and Dutch by following bilingual and trilingual programmes as well as an opportunity to follow certain course units offered by Saint Louis’ partner institution KULeuven - Campus Brussels (for details, see the “Languages” page).  

The programme presents a gradation from the first to the third year in the specialisation of the courses and in their level of abstraction. In this way, the third year focuses on deepening the fundamental disciplines of economics and management.