Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2021 - 2022 Programme


Master in Communication Strategy and digital culture

 Evening & weekend study   120 credits   2 years
 Level 7 of the European framework for qualifications (EFQ)
 Internship : yes   Final assignement : yes   Exchange programme : no 

The media and communication landscape is changing. The growth of communication practices based on interaction, collaboration, and community and network participation are driving new forms of communication in the business, not-for-profit (culture, associations, etc.), and public sectors.

Digital technology-based communication such as social media - including blogs, wikis, digital collaboration software, media-sharing platforms, digital social networks, etc. do not merely add to or replace existing media - instead, they are contributing to a continuous reconfiguration of the whole communication ecosystem - itself driven by the intensification and massification of phenomena such as interactivity and connectivity.

The Master’s 120 (evening & weekend study programme) in Communication Strategy and digital culture  is designed for students aspiring to work in the field of web communication. The programme has a strong focus on the management of innovation. It aims in particular to develop the theoretical, analytical, strategic and operational skills needed to manage interactive, collaborative or participative communication, especially using social media.

This high-level programme is supported by the combined expertise of the Haute Ecole ICHEC - ISFSC and the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles (joint programme and qualification).

The Université Saint-Louis possesses considerable experience in teaching communication and organising evening & weekend study programmes, experience that it has invested in this new Master’s, jointly offered with the ISFSC. The university has a team of research-active teaching staff and a network of academic partners not only in Belgium but also across the world - and not only in communication but also in other contributive disciplines. The Master’s in Strategy and Analysis of Interactive and Collaborative Communication therefore benefits from teaching experience and academic expertise from across a broad range of disciplines, which enrich the course in different ways.

The Institut Supérieur de Formation Sociale et de Communication (ISFSC), part of the Haute Ecole ICHEC - ISFSC, is a small higher education establishment that is able to offer a rich and personalised student experience, with supervised and integrated work placements at the heart of its different programmes as standard. Through this direct contact with the realities of the communication world, you will, as one of our students, receive a thorough preparation to become a successful communication practitioner. The work experience you gain will be underpinned by a robust grounding in theory, as well as a wide range of workshops and project work for which the ISFSC is fully equipped, especially in the field of multimedia. The ISFSC uses its experience and close links with different branches in the communication industry to constantly review and update its programmes and training, so that they meet real market needs.


The programme of the Master’s in Strategy and Analysis of Interactive and Collaborative Communication is informed by the latest research, includes practical training in tune with industry reality, and uses a specialised multimedia communication project-based learning methodology. It takes a comprehensive approach to managing interactive, collaborative and participative web processes and gives full consideration to the field’s social, technological, commercial, psychological, anthropological, political, strategic, legal and ethical dimensions.