Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2020 - 2021 Programme

Group Project

The multidisciplinary workshop covers the whole of the 3rd annual standardised block and is worth 5 credits. 

The aim of this system is to confront the student at the end of the course with problem-situations in the face of which he or she must implement an operational approach that mobilises the results of the training he or she has received up to that point.

The basic material consists of documentary research and information gathering (interviews, observations, etc.) carried out by the students in small groups. The final product is the scientific analysis of a question that arises in society, carried out for a specific, actual or potential recipient, for whom this analysis should constitute a resource. It can take various forms (analysis note, press kit, etc.) and is generally the subject of a computer-assisted presentation, followed by a discussion with a jury of specialists or with the actors concerned, who are brought together for the occasion.

Each year, the work themes are reviewed in the light of current events and research projects in progress or to come within the research units most directly linked to the POLS programmes (CReSPO, CESIR, Engage).