Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles
CU : Course Unit
A : annual
Q1 : first term
Q2 : second term
i : cyclical course held in odd years
p : cyclical course organized in even years
n : course not taught this year
* : course is given in English
** : course is given in Dutch

2020 - 2021 Programme

Bachelor in translation and interpreting

English - Turkish Programme

Th.+Ex. Crédits/bloc
1 2 3
MHCG1141 Law Nicolas Bernard, Gabriela de Pierpont 60h 5
MHCG1241 History of international relations Amandine Orsini 45h 5
MHCG1251 Economy Gilles Grandjean 45h+15h 5
MHIM1311 Cultural Immersion Activities Elena Backer, Julie George Garkov, Philippe Moreau, Geneviève Warland 350h 30

MHCG1161 Philosophy and visual language Laurence Bernard, Jean-Luc Lannoy 60h 5
MHCG1162 Philosophy and sociology Jean-Luc Lannoy, Emmanuelle Lenel 60h 5
MHCG1261 New technologies and encyclopedia of translation Geneviève Maubille, Marlene Vrancx 60h 5
MHCG1321 Discourse analysis applied to translation. Alix Dassargues 45h 5

MHFR1121 French : Linguistics Elisabeth Castadot, Maïté Dupont 45h 5
MHFR1131 French : Writing in Practice I Laurent Béghin, Manon Delcour, Olivier Delsaux, Olivier Hambursin 37,5h 5
MHFR1132 French : Writing in Practice II Laurent Béghin, Manon Delcour, Olivier Delsaux, Olivier Hambursin 37,5h 5
MHFR1231 Spoken and Writing French in Practice Manon Delcour, Olivier Hambursin 75h 5
MHFR1311 French: Literature and Stylistics Olivier Hambursin 30h+15h 5

MHAN1111 English : Grammar in Practice  * Eloïse Forestier, Pascale Gouverneur, Caroline Vanderputten 60h 5
MHAN1121 English – Mastering the Spoken Language  * Paul Arblaster, Nathalie Caron, Anne-Marie Collins, Eloïse Forestier, William Hayes, Richard Owen, Caroline Vanderputten 60h 5
MHAN1131 English – Written Language Mastery  * Anne-Marie Collins, Richard Owen 60h 5
MHAN1211 Applied English Grammar I  * Pascale Gouverneur 30h 5
MHAN1221 Mastering the English Language  * Nathalie Caron, Anne-Marie Collins, Pascale Gouverneur, William Hayes, Jean-Marc Lafontaine, Erwin Ochsenmeier, Richard Owen 60h 5
MHAN1231 English : Translation to A  * Tania Biondi, Nicolas Bonsignore 60h 5
MHAN1241 English : Grammar in Practice II and Translation A-C  * Pascale Gouverneur, Jean-Marc Lafontaine, Erwin Ochsenmeier 30h 5
MHAN1341 English : culture and communication  * Paul Arblaster, Anne-Marie Collins, William Hayes, Marie Trincaretto 60h 5
MHAN1351 English : Translation and Interpreting  * Tania Biondi, Nicolas Bonsignore, Anne-Marie Collins, Jean-Marc Lafontaine, Thierry Lepage, Erwin Ochsenmeier, Caroline Vanderputten 60h 5

MHTU1111 Turkish: Grammar in Practice Seher Gökçe 60h 5
MHTU1121 Turkish: Mastering Spoken Turkish Seher Gökçe, Lebriz Sönmez 60h 5
MHTU1131 Turkish : Written Language Mastery Seher Gökçe, Pierre Vanrie 60h 5
MHTU1211 Turkish: Grammar in Practice I Seher Gökçe 30h 5
MHTU1221 Turkish : Mastering Turkish Seher Gökçe, Lebriz Sönmez 60h 5
MHTU1231 Turkish : Translation to A Pierre Vanrie 60h 5
MHTU1241 Turkish : Grammar in Practice II and Translation A-C Seher Gökçe 30h 5
MHTU1341 Turkish : culture and communication Seher Gökçe, Lebriz Sönmez 60h 5
MHTU1351 Turkish : Translation and Interpreting Pierre Vanrie 60h 5
MHCC1120 Introduction to the Culture of C-speaking countries: english-turkish Paul Arblaster, Nathalie Caron, William Hayes, Lebriz Sönmez, Pierre Vanrie 30h+15h 5