Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2020 - 2021 Programme

Teaching Approach

At Saint-Louis, lectures are given in moderate-sized auditoriums. This allows students to have close contact with their lecturers.

Economics, quantitative methods and science courses are accompanied by practical exercise sessions given to small groups of students.

During the first term, optional support classes in English and in law are available to students experiencing difficulties in these subjects. Remedial classes in economics and in mathematics are offered during the second term to students who did not receive passing grades in those exams during the January exam session.

Regardless of the Bachelor programme, Saint-Louis places strong emphasis on academic support. The Academic Guidance Service offers various support activities and is available to meet with students upon request.


Testing acquired knowledge (formal assessment) takes place during exam sessions. Most exams are written.

Three exam sessions are organised during the academic year: in January, in June and in September. First-year students who did not achieve passing grades on certain exams in January may retake those exams in June and/or in September.

Informal evaluations take place during the academic year in the form of practical exercises to be prepared and submitted. For some courses, a continuous grading system is implemented in addition to the exam.