Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2020 - 2021 Programme


Proficiency in foreign languages has been a key issue for over 20 years for the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication, aware of the importance of learning a language other than French in our increasingly international economic world.

Therefore the faculty offers bilingual or trilingual programmes in French, English or Dutch, spread out over the three years of study. This option is unique in the academic landscape of French-speaking Belgium. The common principle to these formulas is to replace some of the courses in French by their equivalent in Dutch and / or English.

  • French-English bilingual Major: three courses per academic year are taught in English, except in exceptional cases.
  • Trilingual French-Dutch-English Major: for each academic year, two courses are taught in English and two courses are taught in Dutch, except in exceptional cases.

(For details, refer to the presentation of the programmes on the “Multilingual degrees” page).

Students who wish to remain in the unilingual programme of study also receive quality language training because language courses and courses taught in foreign languages are also an integral part of their programme. In their first and second years for example students must follow a traditional English or Dutch language course, while in the third year they are required to follow a course taught in English  (Corporate finance). In addition, whichever main programme students choose, they may add one or more of the courses offered by Saint Louis’ partner institution, KULeuven - Campus Bruxelles, to their annual programme block.