Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2015 - 2016 Programme


Master's Degree in European Studies

 Daytime Programme    120 credits   2 years  bilingual or full English
 European Qualifications Framework (EQF): Level 7 
 Internship: no   Final assignment: yes   Exchange Programmes: yes

The European Union law and policies are becoming increasingly important in the economic, social, legal and political activities of EU Member States and its citizens. For this reason, the Institute for European Studies of Saint-Louis University-Brussels and the Catholic University of Louvain have united to jointly offer a Master 120 in European Studies (2 years). This programme is taught in French and English and can be followed fully in English or in Frenc and English.

The Master 120 in European Studies is a second cycle programme. It follows a university bachelor programme in one of the areas mentioned in the Master’s admission requirements (see admission requirements).

The successful completion of this master will allow the student to access the professional world related to the studies completed or begin doctoral research in the field of political and social sciences. The programme includes 120 credits and takes place over two years.

The Master 120 in European Studies (2 years) is for me if:

  • I enjoy law, political science, economics and social science courses;
  • I take an active interest in European affairs;
  • I like to work in an international environment;
  • I like academic rigor and the discovery of foreign languages.



The programme consists of a common core of 90 credits and a specialised orientation of 30 credits. The first year courses provide the fundamental legal, economic, historical and political knowledge, needed to take on the courses of one of the two specialisations and to engage in writing the final dissertation.

Various methodological, reflexive and linguistic elements enrich the programme: introduction to research of European documentary sources, cross disciplinary approach to the various course materials during seminars; learning a foreign language in addition to French and English, thus highlighting a European multilingual profile.

During the second block of master each student will choose, in addition of the core courses, 30 credits from the orientation European governance and policies. This orientation contains the following 

  • History, cultures and societies
  • External relations of the European Union and Global Governance
  • Governance and policies of the European Union

The programme, which welcomes many international students, offers the opportunity to follow part of the course abroad under the Erasmus agreements. Erasmus exchanges take place in the first semester of the second year of the master.