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Students from outside the European Union are considered as ‘assimilated’, that is, administratively on a par with a Belgian student where he or she satisfies one of the assimilation criteria listed below. Assimilated status means students enjoy the same rights as Belgian students (w.r.t. tuition fees, admissions requirements).


Assimilation Criteria


The student is authorised to settle in Belgium or has acquired the status of long-term resident ("C. Foreign national’s Identity Card" or "D. EC status of long-term Resident")

The student is a refugee or refugee candidate, a stateless person or a “person enjoying subsidiary protection”

The student is authorised to stay for more than 3 months in Belgium and to undertake a professional activity or is eligible to receive income support and other benefits (unemployment, CPAS, health insurance, etc.)

The student is resident in a CPAS centre

The student has a father, mother, legal guardian (*), spouse(**) or legal cohabitant who is a national of a member state of the European Union

The student has a father, mother, legal guardian (*), spouse(**) or legal cohabitant meeting one of the conditions listed above

The student is in receipt of a study grant from the Service d'aide aux études (SAE) of the French Community in Belgium

The student is in receipt of a study bursary from the Commission Coopération au Développement de l'ARES (CCD-ARES)


* legal documents attesting to the relationship indicated must be legally verified and approved by the Belgian Embassies or Consulates in the student’s country of origin or provided by the Commune if they were created and enacted on Belgian territory.

** marriage certificates from countries of origin must be recognised and registered in Belgium by a Belgian local authority (Commune).


Assimilation Application Form

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