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Students' exchanges outside Europe


In order to establish its international reputation, Saint Louis concluded several bilateral agreements with universities located in Asia, North America and Latin America, providing students with the opportunity to study during a semester outside the European Union.


Those exchanges outside Europe are partially financed by the « Fonds d’Aide à la Mobilité Etudiante (FAME) », granted by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and, to a certain extent, by the university own funds.


They took part to these exchanges…



« I am Anthony Carter, I come from Canada and I had the opportunity to spend an entire year in Brussels, thanks to an institutional agreement. Actually, I did want tot discover Europe. I must say that in my country we don’t really know Belgium. So it was for me an unknown territory to discover… and here, in Brussels, you don’t have time to get bored! I often say that Brussels is not only a city to visit once, it is definetely a city where it feels good to live ! You have to be there to understand. Moreover, the university offers plenty of great activities, incredible people and a competent and helpful staff.  Beyong the pure academic knowledge this experience provides you with, friendship, activities and meetings considerably enrich this stay ». (academic year 2013-2014)





« I am Maxime Dolphin and I have spent a few months at McDaniel College. Arrived on a 24 January, 20 cm of snow and - 10 degrees, I was severely tested but the experience was about to worth it. I had interesting courses which met my expectations regarding the perception of the American financial markets and I also learnt the american accountancy which is different from ours. The courses gave me another opinion over the world in general and a different way to approach financial fields. As far as the English learning is concerned, it is an ideal place because there is barely no french-speaker and there are many readings in English. It’s quite easy to enrich your English vocabulary. Each course required me to participate which improve my fluency and mye ase to speak in public. In conclusion, such an exchange is an enriching experience you cannot miss ! It makes you become open-minded, more independent and able to adapt to the environment and to integrate new habits. Finally, an exchange is what you make of it. Be open and accept all the proposals that you are offered, you will rarely regret it! » (academic year 2013-2014)

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