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The Erasmus Belgica Programme


Established in 2004, the Erasmus Belgica programme is an initiative of the Prince Philippe Foundation to promote the mobility of Higher Education students within the three Communities of Belgium.


Thanks to this programme, students can study for one semester in another institution located in one of the two other communities of Belgium, and enjoy a linguistic and cultural immersion.


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They took part to the programme…


« I am Greet and I study Business engineering at the Ghent University. I chose to go to Saint-Louis because of its trilingual programmes and of its unique location, in Brussels, capital of Belgium. Moreover, I particularly appreciated the Professors’ availability and the organisation of the courses that are given by periods of two hours ! It is a unique atmosphere because the university is not big. I have the impression that everybody knows everybody ! My contacts with European students who were also in exchange at Saint-Louis  reinforced my wish to do another exchange, in Europe. In addition, the Eramus Belgica programme allows to keep the Erasmus grant for another European exchange ! »

(Academic year 2012-2013)


« I am Gaëlle Nyssen and I am a student at Saint-Louis University. I chose to spend a few months at the University of Antwerp because it offered both courses in English and in Dutch.

I did not regret my choice, at all ! Antwerp is a very dynamic and culturally rich flemish town. The teaching method looks like the anglosaxon one, meaning that there are more interactions between students and the teacher, which is an asset because it helps us to talk in public and in another language. I also chose to stay in Belgium because it allows me to stay closer to my family and friend while fully living the Erasmus experience in all its aspects : International parties, the « exchange students » weekend in Berlin, a different way to discover Belgium, etc. I sincerely believe that it is a great compromise ! »

(Academic year 2012-2013)

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