Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Masters and Advanced Masters | 2014-2015 Programmes



Our 2-year Master’s (MA) in European Studies


Our MA in European Studies is a second-cycle programme that follows on from the corresponding BA. It is designed to provide students with an entry-level qualification for careers in which a deep understanding of the EU is a prerequisite. Our MA in European Studies is a two-year programme worth 120 ECTS credits.


Master’s (MA) in European Studies



Our Advanced Masters


Our advanced masters are recognised in the labour market as specialised occupational qualifications. At Saint-Louis admission to an advanced master’s programme is open to students who already hold a master’s degree.


We currently offer the following advanced master’s programmes:


Advanced Master’s in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Construction (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Environmental Law and Public Real Estate Law (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Human Rights (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Financial Risk Management (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Transportation Management

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